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CIT  welcomes interested organizations on being CIT’S partner in the commercialization of any or all of the C-M Machine's. We are willing to enter into an agreement with any Local or International Organization for Domestic Operation and any well-established worldwide Organization for International Operation.


Comparative Analyses
Business Offer
Proposal In General
Product Information
The Pre-Agreement


A. Exploratory Meeting


The Agenda of the Exploratory Meeting Will Encompass the Topics Below:

What you need to know about C-Ms and CIT; what we need to know about your product and services and your company; proving the machine’s workability and capabilities; the magnitude of potentials of C-Ms in the field of energy; the disclosure of C-Ms’ secret; the initial investment; the financing scheme; the setting up of offices, the management and operations; the technological improvements; the patenting process (local); the formation of a joint venture corporation; the royalty and profit scheme; etc.

B. Exploring the Areas of Interest


Identifying and Laying Down the Areas of Interest By Both Parties on the Above Topics for Negotiations.

The Negotiation


A.  Establishing the Meeting of the Minds

B.   Drafting of the Contract

C. Finalization of the Contract

Contract Signing

The start of a mutually beneficial business partnership!!!


NOTE : The Details of the Areas of Interest and The Negotiation shall be taken up during the Pre-agreement stage of the actual negotiation.