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CIT is dedicated in promoting sustainable energy through our C-M Machines.  We take pride on being accorded three of the most coveted USPTO Patent Application Numbers in the world.


Vision and Mission

To promote and propagate the use of C-M1 Technology in order to realize and achieve CIT or the Inventor’s vision and convictions for a better world. If that happens, mission is accomplished!

When I started the research of C-M1 38 years ago, I did not even think that such miracle (simple but powerful) machine would be invented. It was only in October of 1987 when the first picture of the machine became clearer. Although C-M1 is not yet perfected then, I believe that the machine is among the ultimate solution to the worsening energy crisis, air-water-noise pollution, green house effect or global warming and a counter measure to the rapid consumption of oil - what the nature has processed for billions of years cannot just be consumed for hundreds of years without adverse effect to Mother Earth.

If C-M1 succeeds, the benefits that man can derive from it are unimaginable. To mention a few are: pollution free world from  smoke emission and heat reduction caused by burning of fossil fuel; peace and harmony; cost of electricity could be reduced in half or more; necessity of electric driven transport (land and sea); more industries therefore more jobs; water supply to urban and rural areas; flood control; electricity for agriculture; no more destruction of rivers and water sheds; hostilities due to black gold can be avoided; non proliferation of nuclear weapons; land slides and surface destructions due to unwavering and rapid oil extraction can be prevented – oil extracted from the depths of the earth can not just be replenished by sea water or any liquid, etc. just to prevent such catastrophes; and surely C-M1 will provide more than enough energy to light the world.