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What is C-M1 (v3)?

C-M1 is a machine that consumes only 3-4% energy from its generated 100% output energy. As illustrated in the Hydroelectric Power Generation (The Water Recycling Concept), the Input/Output ratio is 1:25. C-M1 has so many applications. Aside from large scale electric generations, this machine can also be used in irrigation, flood control, water supply to rural and urban areas, oil (black gold) extraction, cooling system, power generator for buildings and industries, and many more.

How the idea started

My  quest  for a  machine  that  runs  without  the  need of any fossil fuel, nuclear, or any prime mover that needs consumable materials or elements, started in August 1970 in my Earth Science subject. It started when one of my classmates raised the question on how to control air, water and noise pollution and radiation. Then somebody answered: “Ma’am, through perpetual motion machine!” Thenceforth, my research and study for that elusive machine has been born and intensified. Time, effort, and money were all focused on how to discover such machine. I have also read and heard about perpetual motion machines run by gravity, magnet, electromagnet, but all are bulky and impractical. I concentrated on known renewable energies as well, but all have drawbacks and limitations. Because of these imperfections, my research and experiment persisted. I continued such endeavor when I worked in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, and when I was back to the Philippines. Sometime in early 1980s, I became interested in water pumps. I devoted myself on studying it extensively. Then, suddenly, in mid 1980s, the first clue flashed into my mind. If the weight of the water inside the pipe that is from the tip of the piston all the way up to the tip of the pipe is counterbalanced by the same weight on the other end of the lever, then pumping out such weight of water (Output/Discharge Operation) can be made even through the tip of my finger. But how about the water intake (Input/Intake Operation) where the piston draws water from the supply source where, in such operation, the valve is closed? The same problem will occur! Only this time, the problem is shifted to the counterweight instead of the weight of the water inside the system. How can we solve this problem? This is precisely the reason why C-M1 has been discovered and invented.

What makes C-M1 a very powerful machine

In  general,  the  principle  and  concept  of C-M1 is basic of all basics. It adapts the underlying principle of equilibrium where a lever is used to pump water. However, C-M1, unlike ordinary water pumps, employs Techniques (the invention) that have not been discovered since time immemorial. These techniques made C-M1 the most powerful machine ever invented and the most amazing discovery is that it is a perpetual motion machine! The saying that “I can lift a mountain through the tip of my finger” is no longer an exaggeration but a reality. Pumping out water or any liquid, no matter how heavy, high or deep, can be done easily by C-M1. How? By applying the underlying Principle of Equilibrium and the Techniques on both operations: the Input/Intake Operation and the Output/Discharge Operation – the secret of C-M1, which will solve the grave and infinite energy requirements of mankind through hydroelectric power generation water recycling concept here on earth (and, in the immediate future, C-M3, the compact design of C-M1, which will replace the fossil fuel based prime movers and, astonishingly, can be used in outer space). Therefore, based on the foregoing statement, pumping out water weighing 10,000 tons through a pipe as high as Mount Everest or pumping out water weighing 4 kilos through a pipe as high as 4 meters are equally the same easy task to C-M1. Why easy? To reiterate, this is due to C-M1’s Techniques that are basically adapting the underlying principle of Equilibrium or perfect balance.

How is C-M1 different from other prime movers and perpetual
     motion machines?

C-M1 is  by far  incomparable to known  conventional  prime movers.  C-M1, unlike fossil fuel based engines and nuclear power plant, does not pollute air and water. It does not produce sound, heat, smoke, waste, and radiation. Therefore, it does not contribute to air, water, and noise pollution and global warming. It does not cause fire and explosion because it uses only pure water. Therefore, it is 100% safe to mankind. Compared to known renewable energies such as hydro, geothermal, solar, wind, sea wave, and sea current, all of which have drawbacks and very expensive to build, C-M1 does not have any from its power source, which is gravity because it is consistent. Moreover, compared to a hydroelectric having the same capacity, it is 60% to 70% cheaper and 6 to 7 times faster to build when it comes to power generation. Since it is a low RPM machine and has about 7 moving parts, it can even last for a century without breakdown. Because it can be built within a city, pylons and transmission lines and equipments can be minimized or eliminated.

What benefits can we derive from C-M1

The machine can produce unprecedented energy output unimaginable by man. C-MI machine can supply the world adequately with its energy requirements infinitely. It can replace satisfactorily all kinds of conventional methods of energy extraction. C-MI, also satisfies the limitations of the conventional machines for energy requirement as it is not dependent on any of their sources as nuclear, hydro, wind, solar, sea wave, sea current, geothermal or fossil fuel based prime movers. Hence, the efficacy of this new invention is unlimited and a breakthrough in all the inventions of mankind. These perpetual motion machines can adequately produce the global infinite requirement of man for energy, especially during this critical period.

What  are  the  main  advantages  of  C-M1  from  other  power
     generators like nature, fossil fuel-based engines, etc.?

Compared to a hydroelectric power plant of same capacity, it is 6 to 7 times faster to build and 60% to 70% cheaper. It is 100% environment friendly: no water, air and noise pollution. No steam, radiation, etc. It is almost 100% repair and maintenance free due to very few moving parts. Use of relay stations and pylons for power distribution can be minimized or eliminated since C-M1 can be built and operated within a city since it is almost noise-free. It is incomparable to fossil fuel based engines and other natural sources of renewable energy such as solar, hydro, geothermal, sea current, sea wave and wind, each of which is very expensive and has several drawbacks.

What are other potentials of C-M1?

Using the principles and concept of C-M1, it can replace fossil fuel based engines. Right now C-M3, the engine replacement, which can be used in transportation, industries, etc. and also to drive an electric generator both on earth and in outer space, is the main focus of CIT’s research and development. On the other hand, C-M2, a man propelled flying machine is being built. Again, using the principles and concept of C-M1, man can fly using only his effort and energy in jogging.

What people say about C-M1?

Some say it is a hoax. Some say it is impossible. Some say if C-M1 is true, it disproves some laws of physical sciences, etc.

On the other hand, some say it is a miracle machine. Some say, since time immemorial it is only at this time that this elusive principle and concept has been discovered . Some scientists and engineers say it is the greatest of all inventions.

What we at CIT say about C-M1?