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CIT is dedicated in promoting sustainable energy through our C-M Machines.  We take pride on being accorded four of the most coveted USPTO Patent Application Numbers in the world.

Vision and Mission


The starting point of my research for a prime mover that does not need any fuel.

1970 – 1977

Despite extensive research and study done for more than seven years, I still faced a blank wall.

1977 - 1979

During these years I confined myself on experimenting pressures but I failed to discover even a slight hint that would lead to the discovery of no-fuel prime mover.  Instead, I invented the Natural Dewatering System (please see Other Inventions).

1979 - 1981

Nothing had been done so much for the project.   I was busy with my job as an Overseas Contract Worker (OCW) working as an Analyst/Programmer in Bahrain. After two years in that historical country,   I came home but went back to the Middle East in late 1981, this time in Saudi Arabia.

1981 - 1984

Focused on researching and experimenting the spring, gear, gravity, flywheel, natural magnet and electromagnet as source of power.

In the course of my research, I accidentally discovered and invented the (electro) magnet machine having the same concept as the rail gun of the U.S (shown in the Towards 2000 TV series).  I was a bit upset that such machine was already invented but on the other hand I was also happy since I was able to invent such machine with minuscule financial and technical resources. Then an Australian inventor published and showed on TV (also on Towards 2000 TV series) his wind turbine invention. He had designed more than one hundred blades but said that the almost letter “S” shape was the most efficient. I was challenged by such announcement. I designed two blades; one was as efficient as the letter “S” shape but the other one had almost double efficiency (please see Other Inventions).   Furthermore, these two designs are lighter and much cheaper to build.  When it comes to efficiency, they can compete to known windmill or wind turbine of today.  Since I was more interested in no-fuel prime mover, I was oblivious of such invention.

1984 - 1987

Disappointed  but  happy with the result of my research  and experiment  on electromagnet,  natural magnet and spring, because I was able to invent a machine similar to Rail Gun and Wind Turbine, a hint that eventually led to the discovery and invention of C-M1 (Version 1) came flashing into my mind, the water pump.  Thus, the beginning and the turning point of my 14 years search of no-fuel prime mover

I reviewed and analyzed the concept for three months and I found nothing faulty to disprove the idea.   Confident that the idea was already 100% proven, since the idea was basic of all basics, I wrote to several companies asking for their financial support to build a prototype and eventually to patent the machine.  Unfortunately, nobody was interested probably because perpetual motion machines were deemed as physical impossibilities.   

In October 1987, true to my belief, I successfully built and invented the prototype of Version 1 (V1) of the C-M1 machine (formerly JC-M1). After the successful testing of V1, I immediately wrote to our President and other known personalities asking for their financial help so I could build a model for which a patent was to be based and for exhibit.  I also wrote the Archbishop of Manila asking for his full support on security, in case the machine went to the wrong hands. 

1987 – 1988

With  our  President’s recommendation,  I  was  able  to  communicate with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). I also wrote the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR), Manila Electric Company (MERALCO), etc. but all to no avail.

Due to my frustration, I decided to go back to the Middle East to work so I could finance the cost of building a model.  While in such situation, the compact model of C-M1 was conceptualized.  I named the machine as C-M3 (formerly JC-M3) designed to replace the fossil fuel based prime movers (engines).  Hence, I left the country.

While performing my job I thought of writing to known companies all over the world offering to them the C-M1 technology.  To name a few: General Electric, Westinghouse, Siemens, IBM and Ford Motors. Only few responded favorably but their demand was for me to disclose the machine’s secret in a non-confidential term, which is for me unacceptable without any pre-agreement. 

In late 1988, a government was interested in my invention.  A negotiation was arranged.  It could have been a done deal but it broke down due to some irreconcilable issues. 

1988 - 1989

I  decided  to  resign  from  my job as Trading and Administration Manager and started soliciting money from co-Filipino contract workers since my savings were not enough to finance the model for exhibit.

I went home in February 1989 and built the model of C-M1 V1, which was due to be exhibited at Philcite in May of the same year.  The exhibit did not push through due to stuck-up piston.  The redesigning of piston and other parts went on.

While I was redesigning C-M1,  I discovered another approach but the principle and concept was the same with C-M1.  I named this approach as C-M1 Version 2 (V2).  This V2 was almost perfect. The miniature model was built and its workability had been proven and therefore invented. Then in mid 1989 the miniature model of C-M3, which was conceptualized in 1988 but modified to suit V2’s structure, was fabricated, tested and worked as perceived.  Hence C-M3 was born

1989 - 1991

Again  I  wrote  our  President,  and  this  time  I also wrote our Senators, Congressmen, DOST Secretary, NAPOCOR, local companies, etc. asking for their financial help so I could build a model for C-M1 V2 for which a patent would be based and for exhibit. Others responded negatively while others did not.  Some of those who responded favorably were only interested in knowing the secret without even making a single commitment and yet they are the ones who are capable. Again, to no avail.

I decided to write the National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) of the United States and its response was very encouraging because of their assurance and commitment.

Then the war in the Middle East, named as the Desert Storm, broke out.   When Iraq vowed to bomb all the oil fields in the Middle East, I was worried since it has been the world’s biggest oil supplier.  Thinking that if it would happen, the world would be in chaos, I decided to reveal the secret as the solution to imminent crisis in case the threat was carried out.  So I wrote to Ambassadors and/or Consuls’ and foreign dignitaries inviting them to attend to the revelation. I also wrote our President, Senators, Congressmen, United Nations’ TIPS, Media, the Archbishop of Manila and many more. The response was overwhelming.

During this dark period, I decided  to  write Sec.  James  Watkins  of  the U.S. Department of Energy  asking  for  financial help.  The response was very encouraging.  He advised me to submit invention document for them to study.  If it would pass, they would extend a financial help.  They assured me that the secret of the machine would remain confidential.  I went to the United States.  Immediately upon my arrival I tried sourcing out funds for my trip to Washington.  I failed to secure the needed amount.  Moreover, a tragedy struck my family that I must go back home to the Philippines soonest.  And so the planned meeting was postponed and eventually just died down.                        

The war in Iraq continued and ended.  However, the threat by Iraq was not carried out and so with the planned revelation.

1991 - 1993

As time went by, my savings and co-OFW’S investment gradually dwindled.  My plan of going back to Middle East did not materialize. As much as I wanted to go abroad and work, I also wanted to finish what I started – my invention.  So I stayed here in the Philippines. Again I asked for financial help from my investors but most of them did not respond. Those who had responded favorably and provided support at the start but their support gradually died down.

Again, for the last time, I tried to negotiate with NAPOCOR and Office of the Energy Affairs, but I failed.

My experience in negotiating with our government, organizations, private personalities, entrepreneurs, companies and many more, was frustrating but worthwhile.  I could not blame them.  The situation was just like chicken and egg puzzle. They were not going to commit any financial investment or help unless the secret was revealed and the machine’s workability is proven.  On my part, knowing what I have invented, I just cannot reveal the secret of my machine without any pre-agreement mainly on the safety and security of the C-M1 secret and the inventor.

Thenceforth, I have promised to myself, that on my own, I would raise the amount needed to fabricate the prototype and to patent the machine no matter how long it would take as long as the machine’s secret was not compromised. 

1993 - 1997

Then a friend of mine, knowing me as an inventor, approached me if I could invent a Gold Extractor for a gold mining firm.  I answered him “Inventions are made through Divine Wisdom, not just because you want to invent, but I will try.” And I invented not only the Gold Extractor but also the Gold Ore Crusher / Pulverizer machine as well (please see Other Inventions).  We used the machines in our mining operation in Mindanao. We did have a profitable operation but when it came to sharing, the amount was not enough to sustain the needs of my family and to settle some of my obligations.  Due to this, I quit mining and went home in late 1995.

Although  C-M1  V2  was  already  perfected  then,  still  I  reviewed the concept of the machine from time to time to see if there was still a room for improvement.

Then I tried another venture, this time logging in Mindanao (Philippines).  It was not even as lucrative as mining, so again I packed up my things and went home. 

1997 - 1999

Later in 1997, I decided to sell our land.  Again I failed to secure the amount needed for the C-M1 because the amount did not come in whole but in parts.

Heeding to the advice of my keens, I went back to the U.S. with all my hope that the Filipino community could help me raise the amount needed in building the C-M1 prototype and the patenting process.  The idea did not work. Only few extended their helping hands.  The solicited amount was not even enough for my expenses there in U.S.  So I had to go home before I would run out money. 

1999 - 2004

Probably exhausted, frustrated, disappointed, name it, for almost five years, I did not even think of raising fund for the project.  In fact, I reviewed the design of my machine periodically.  Then in late 2004, a miracle happened.  My enthusiasm on my C-M1 was revived.  My spirit was so high.  I regained my strength, both mentally and physically, and most of all an unwavering determination.

I reviewed the C-M1 V1 and V2 designs and another approach came into my mind. I named the machine as C-M1 V3 (the combination of the two versions).  Slowly, I built a small prototype just to prove if the approach was workable or not.  It took me almost one year to build such working model due to diminutive financial resources but amazingly the effort paid off. The concept worked. Thank God!

2004 - 2006

Few  months  later,  after  the  successful  testing,  I  started  disposing  some  of  my belongings and properties so I could finance the fabrication of V3.  Again, it took me more than a year to build a model with my scarce resources.  The model was completed in mid 2005 but with machining inaccuracies particularly the cylinder bore and piston.

The model was designed to pump water through a 2.5 cm diameter pipe with a height (length) of 140 feet. Since it was impractical to exhibit V3 with such height, I thought of using mercury to shorten the height of 140 feet to 10 feet (mercury is 14 times heavier than water).

While redesigning the V3 to suit the concept, I started sending invitation letters to our President, DOST, NAPOCOR, Senate President, Speaker of the House of Representative, Las Pinas City Mayor, etc. to attend the exhibit.  The move was a big mistake, a repetition of 1989 chronicle.

After the adjustment to V3 was made, raising money for the mercury was next.  I did raise the amount but found out later that obtaining mercury would need DENR’s approval.  And so the planned exhibit did not push through.  Therefore, I had to withdraw all my invitations with much regrets.  

Due  to  machining  inaccuracies  and  some  erroneous calculations,  I decided to build  a more quality model, this time using weights instead of water or mercury, which is very expensive.

The model was successfully fabricated much with accuracies, this time, for almost all parts especially the cylinder bore, piston, valves, guides, etc.  After the successful testing, quite a few investors/creditors were impressed and therefore supported the plan of patenting the C-M1 V3 machine in the United States.

2006 - 2010

In November 2007, I applied for a U.S. visa so I could personally apply for a patent for C-M1. Unfortunately, I was denied. Due to this, I prepared the required documents for Provisional Application for Patent for the machine and sent them to my daughter in USA.  My daughter personally submitted the application on May 12, 2008 at USPTO in Alexandria, Virginia, USA

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) under the Paris Convention, has accorded C-M1 with Non-Provisional Patent Application Number US 12/231,697 and C-M87 with Non-Provisional Provisional Patent Application Number US 12/586,975.  Likewise, C-M3 – the G-Force Emulator, the power source of the compact model of C-Ms, is accorded with Non-Provisional Patent Application Number US 12/288,988.  This extent of record recognition by USPTO has given the Inventor the right to patent the C-M1, C-M87 and C-M3 Machines in any country of the world.

To All Inventors Of The World May God Guide And Bless Us All!!!