Business Opportunities

CRDC welcomes interested organizations on being CRDC’S partner in the commercialization of any
or all of the C-M Machines. We are willing to enter into an agreement with any
Local or International Organization for Domestic Operation and any well-established
worldwide Organization for International Operation.

Product Information

C-M Machine : The basic of all basic machine

C-Ms are very powerful perpetual motion machine designed for hydroelectric (hydraulic) power generation through water recycling concept. C-Ms work on Techniques (Invention) that adapt basically the underlying Principle of Equilibrium or Perfect Balance. Therefore, since they are Perfectly Balanced, pumping out two (2) cubic meters of water per stroke through a 1.6-meter diameter 100-meter high pipe with a total water weight of 200 tons can be done by an individual using the C-Ms’ Absolute Perpetual Motion Machine Technology. The saying that “I can lift a mountain through the tip of my finger” is no longer an exaggeration but a reality with C-Ms!

The magnitude of potentials of C-Ms are unimaginable

C-Ms are versatile and adaptable. They cover wide applications. They can be used in large-scale electric power generation for major cities and states. In a small-scale, they can be used to generate electricity for various commercial and industrial applications, centralized air conditioning, water supply for highland urban and rural areas and irrigations, flood control, cable cars, trains, elevators and many more.

General benefits of C-M Machines

C-Ms will practically solve and revolutionize the energy requirements of mankind especially in the field of electricity and transportation. They will relieve man from his total dependence on known Conventional Prime Movers namely: fossil-fuel-based engines, nuclear, and nature’s prime movers such as hydro, geothermal, wind, solar, sea wave and sea current, all of which have drawbacks and are very expensive to build. Since they are not a fossil-fuel-based engine, nuclear, etc., therefore they do not produce toxic waste, radiation, heat, air-water-noise pollutants, which are all detrimental to all living things and environment. In hydroelectric power generation, dam - an expensive and delicate structure to build, is no longer needed. Therefore, destruction of rivers and watersheds is prevented and the use of expensive pylons, transmission lines and equipment will be minimized or even eliminated, since C-Ms can be built within the city. They can operate for 100 years without the possibility of breakdown due to few moving parts; therefore, blackouts and brownouts are minimized.

C-M Structure

C-Ms is the simplest form of perpetual motion and prime moving machine designed for power generation. Compared to conventional hydroelectric power plant of the same capacity, C-Ms structures are very simple that they require only a small space. Due to their simplicity, it is 30% to 50% cheaper and 6 to 7 times faster to design and build. A one-megawatt structure can be done within 4 to 6 months.

C-Ms are the cheapest of all prime movers

Below is the comparative cost of building a one-megawatt C-Ms against a one-megawatt conventional hydroelectric power plant.

Computation for Hydroelectric Power Plant

A) Estimated Cost of Conventional Hydroelectric Power Plant

                  US$ 3,300,000.00    Prime Mover – Hydroelectric Dam
                             900,000.00    Electric Generating Set Branded
                  US$ 4,200,000.00   Total Cost

B) Estimated Cost of C-Ms Hydroelectric Power Plant

                          US$ 2,400,000.00    Prime Mover - C-Ms
                                      900,000.00    Electric Generating Set Branded
                          US$ 3,300,000.00   Total Cost

NOTE : Based on the foregoing computation, C-Ms are initially 19% cheaper than the prime mover of the Conventional Hydroelectric Power Plant. However C-Ms are 40% to 60% cheaper in the long run and if the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year of full, non-stop operation is adapted.

Salient features of C-Ms

      1. They are not like Fossil-Fuel-Fed Engine, nor one of the Nature’s sources of known Prime movers such as: hydro, geothermal, solar, wind, sea wave, sea current, etc.
      2. They are a very powerful perpetual motion machines. Their Input/Output Ratio is 1:15 for Dependent Perpetual Motion Machine and 1:25 to 1:100 for Absolute Perpetual Motion Machine.
      3. Since they are a perpetual motion machines, they do not consume nor burn even a drop of fuel.
      4. Since they are not a combustion engines, they do not produce heat. Can you imagine the heat and the pollution a one-megawatt fossil-fuel-fed engine can produce every second?
      5. They are low revolution per minute (RPM) machines.
      6. They are versatile and adaptable. They can be easily built and can replace and convert existing conventional hydroelectricpower plant into C-Ms anytime and anywhere.
      7. They eliminate or minimize the usage of expensive pylons, transmission lines and equipments.
      8. They have much less parts especially moving parts. Therefore, they are repair and maintenance free.
      9. They can operate for decades without the possibility of breakdown. Therefore blackouts and brownouts can be minimized or even eliminated.

Has the C-M Machines been patented?

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) under the Paris Convention, has accorded C-M1 with Non-Provisional Patent Application Number US 12/231,697 and C-M87 with Non-Provisional Patent Application Number US 12/586,975. Likewise, C-M3 - the G-Force Emulator, the power source of the compact model of C-Ms, is accorded with Non-Provisional Patent Application Number US 12/288,988. This extent of record recognition by USPTO has given the Inventor the right to patent the C-M1, C-M87 and C-M3 Machines in any country of the world.

Business Offer

Addressable business opportunities

During the past three decades, the demand for electric energy and power has increased tremendously due to rapid population growth, intense industrialization, ever growing need for transportation, advanced communication, etc. Due to these phenomena, the cost of electricity and power has become more expensive, may they be the product of fossil-fuel-based engines, nuclear and nature’s prime movers. Parallel to this, the demand for alternative source of energy, that is cheap, clean and safe, is strongly felt. This has opened up even greater business opportunities.

The C-Ms solution to these business opportunities

While bio-fuels and renewable energies are currently the solutions to these business opportunities, the answer to these business opportunities both in short term and long term bases is still the powerful, miracle machines called C-M1, C-M87 (,C-M89) and C-M3.

Benefits your company can derive from C-Ms

C-Ms’ magnitudes of potentials in the field of energy are unimaginable as such very lucrative for investment. Whichever option your company may choose, may it be through royalty or as a manufacturer or both, it can expect that the return of its investment and services can be attained in the shortest span of time.

CRDC is looking for exclusive partner

CRDC welcomes organizations, which are interested in becoming CRDC’S partner on the C-Ms commercialization. We are willing to enter into an agreement with any Local Organization for Domestic Operation and any well-established Organization worldwide for International Operation. Any organization interested in CRDC's offer for business partnership on C-Ms, on worldwide or domestic operational coverage, can write CRDC signifying its intent.

Post review, perusal and considerations

Any organization interested in CRDC’s offer for business partnership on C-Ms, on worldwide or domestic operational coverage, can write CRDC signifying its intent. The Letter of Intent shall include the company’s profile and the initial requisites below:

Company’s Profile and Interest
      Nationality – the client must be a Nationality of His country’s representation for Domestic Operation.
      Business Registration – the client’s business establishment(s) is duly registered in His Country of domicile.
      Years in Business Operation – the business shall be in operation for at least 10 years.
      Extent of Business Operation – the business operation shall be all over the country or in a countrywide scale.
      Capacity – the client must be capable of putting-up an initial investment as a prerequisite to forming a joint venture or partnership. Below is the
      computation of the initial investment:

            To demonstrate the minuscule comparative extent of the company’s participation in terms of investment exposure and to highlight the impact of the
            machine’s efficacy and efficiency, a small portion of as low as 20% of the Daily Gross Revenue from electric power generation of the company's
            domicile country will serve as the basis in computing its initial investment for local representation.

      Option – depending on client’s capacity, he has the option to go locally or globally.

Establishing a mutually beneficial business relationship

When the Letter Of Intent is received, Exploratory Meeting is arranged and scheduled. For practical and security reasons, all meetings with respective countries will be held in Manila, Philippines.

Proposal In General

The Pre-Agreement

A. Exploratory Meeting
The Agenda of the Exploratory Meeting will encompass the topics below:
       What you need to know about C-Ms and CRDC
       What we need to know about your product and services and your company
       Proving the machine’s workability and capabilities
       The magnitude of potentials of C-Ms in the field of energy
       The disclosure of C-Ms’ secret; the initial investment
       The financing scheme
       The setting up of offices, the management and operations; the technological improvements
       The patenting process (local); the formation of a joint venture corporation
       The royalty and profit scheme
       Other topics of interest

B. Exploring the Areas of Interest
Identifying and Laying Down the Areas of Interest By Both Parties on the Above Topics for Negotiations.

The Negotiation

A. Establishing the Meeting of the Minds
B. Drafting of the Contract
C. Finalization of the Contract.

Contract Signing

The start of a mutually beneficial business partnership!
NOTE: The Details of the Areas of Interest and The Negotiation shall be taken up during the Pre-agreement stage of the actual negotiation.

Comparative Analyses

The Renewable Energy Machines versus Cangrier-M Perpetual Motion Machines

The solar energy is dependent on sun, the wind on nature’s change of weather, the hydroelectric on water, geothermal on volcanic steam and sea wave on nature as well. This new technology does not depend on any of the aforementioned sources, but on the inherent property of gravity which is unchangeable at all times: hence the operation of this technology is by far incomparable to these renewable energy prime movers due to the constraints on their sources.

Since fossil-fuel and nuclear-based prime movers are ruled out because they are not environment friendly and very expensive to build initially and in the long term, the comparative analyses are focused on the renewable energy machines versus Cangrier-M Perpetual Motion Machines.

1-MW Power Generator Rigid Soil and Environment
Power Source Unit Cost Initial Add-On Cost Requires Pylon
Life Span No. of Years
Cangrier-M No Gravity $ 1.3M None*** No 50+
Solar Yes Sun $ 1.5M Land/Battery Yes 25
Wind Yes Wind $ 1.5M Land/Battery Yes 25?
Hydro Yes River $ 2.5M Land Yes ?
Geothermal Yes Volcanic Steam $ 2.5M Land Yes ?
Sea Wave Yes Wind $ 6.5M Land/Battery Yes ?
Nuclear Yes Atom $ 7.0M Land Yes ?
* - Expensive
** - Very Expensive
*** - Standby Generator Already Included

1-MW Power Generator Area of Domicile Risk of Power
Sabotage and Pilferage?
Survey and Construction Duration Cost of Repair and Maintenance Risk from Energy
Source Cut-Off
Cangrier-M No No 1 -3 Months Almost Zero None
Solar Yes Yes 4 - 7 months Expensive High
Wind Yes Yes 4 - 7 months Expensive High
Hydro Yes Yes 2 - 4 Years Minimal Minimal
Geothermal Yes Yes 2 - 4 Years Expensive High
Sea Wave Yes Yes 2 - 4 Years Expensive High
Nuclear Yes Yes ? Expensive High